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Welcome to the Seattle Storytellers Guild! Storytelling celebrates the wisdom, humor, and diversity of the human experience and can capture and heal the human heart. The Seattle Storytellers Guild promotes storytelling and helps story enthusiasts. It is part of a regional and national network of organizations that work to support this most ancient art.

SSG Tip Jar
Donations to The Seattle Storytellers Guild will help us continue our online programming. Your support is appreciated! You can also send a check to: Seattle Storytellers Guild, PO Box 18361, Seattle, WA 98118.
TBD Spooktacular! TBD Storytellers
Family Friendly
Tuesday, October 27, 3:00 p.m. online via Zoom. TBD tellers Norm Brecke, Jeff Doyle, Sheila Arnold and Simon Brooks will regale you with fun, not-so-scary spooky tales. Spooktacular - Family Friendly
TBD Spooktacular! TBD Storytellers
Super SCARY (Adults)
Tuesday, October 27, 5:00 p.m. online via Zoom. TBD tellers Paul Strickland, Ingrid Nixon, Antonio Rocha and Anne Rutherford will scare you speechless with terrifyingly eerie tales. Spooktacular - Super SCARY
ChrisTiana ObeySumner Under the Rainbow:
Storytelling for LGBTQ+
Monday, November 9, 6:00-7:45 pm. online via Zoom. With invited storyteller, ChrisTiana ObeySumner, CEO of Epiphanies of Equity LLC. Under the Rainbow
Pocketgrass Pocketgrass
Episode 3 - Meatballs
Thursday, November 12th at 7:00 p.m. (PT) A 45-minute variety show scaled to fit things we love about the Wintergrass Festival onto a small screen. Featuring Mike Marshall and Caterina Lichtenberg, Eli West, the Jangles, an archive video of Red Wine, Aunt Mama stories, Magic!, Harlyn and a Lightning Workshop. Pocketgrass
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