Seattle Storytellers Guild

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A Short History of the Guild

The Seattle Storytellers Guild, founded in 1982, is a nonprofit organization of tellers and story enthusiasts who actively promote the art of storytelling for adults, as well as children. The guild provides a forum for traditional storytelling, sponsors professional events, and provides performance and training opportunities for tellers at every level.

Membership in the Guild includes professional storytellers, writers, trainers and presenters, folklorists, traditional storytellers, oral historians, musicians, elders, ministers, speakers and consultants, health professionals, librarians, and teachers. We have tellers from 8 to 80 and in-between. The Seattle storytelling community and the Guild welcome input and participation from storytellers, story listeners, and supporters from every background. The SSG website provides information about storytelling for adults or for kids, and about upcoming events, benefits of membership, and more.

The Guild is a 501(c)3 organization registered in the state of Washington and is governed by an elected board of eight or more members. The Guild sponsors a dozen major events each year, including annual events such as TellabrationTM!

The Guild is also a training and support organization for storytellers looking to get started or improve their skills. The Guild welcomes input from the community, as well as volunteers for projects related to events, programming, K-12 schools, training and workshops, video and audio performances, and more. (Volunteers with expertise are needed, as well as those looking to build their skills.)